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Stop Foreclosure By Filing Chapter 13

A house is more than a physical structure that provides shelter for you and your belongings. It is a home, a place where you find comfort and can feel safe, where your family gathers together, and your children can learn and grow. When debt threatens that security, it is important to remember that you have options.

If keeping your home or other real estate is a priority, contact the bankruptcy law firm of Michael D. Hart, P.C. Over the past two decades, our lawyers have helped more than 90 percent of our clients facing foreclosure in Mechanicsville, Roanoke Valley and greater Virginia keep their homes. With this record of excellence, you can feel confident that we can help you too.

Bankruptcy Provides Immediate And Lasting Mortgage Debt Relief

When you file for bankruptcy protection, whether under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, nearly all collection activities must immediately cease. Although there are some very limited exceptions, this includes stopping the foreclosure process from moving forward. This immediate legal relief is unique to bankruptcy and unavailable in other debt relief programs.

It is important to note that placing a hold on the foreclosure process is only half of the solution. To prevent foreclosure in the future, you must also address the underlying issues that caused the mortgage default.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a powerful tool that eliminates the threat of foreclosure while allowing you to continue to work toward a loan modification with your mortgage company.

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection can be one of the most effective ways to resolve the underlying debt issues. A repayment plan is developed, which will allow you to take care of arrearages and bring your mortgage current. The payment that you will make to a trustee is based on your reasonable budget, taking into consideration your entire debt situation.

Protect Your Home With Our Help

If you believe that foreclosure is imminent or have already received a notice, schedule a free initial consultation at Michael D. Hart, P.C. You will speak directly to an attorney who will thoroughly explain your options for relief, including the ability to stop foreclosure by filing Chapter 13. Conveniently submit your information online or call us at 540-627-6520.

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