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July 2019 Archives

FTC reveals entire industry behind robocalls

A recent crackdown by the Federal Trade Commission revealed that robocall operations out of Virginia and other states were tied to large illegal organizations. This most recent action by the FTC targeted groups that tried to sell fake products, multilevel marketing schemes or real products marketed using illegal tactics. The crackdown provides the clearest picture yet of the people and structures behind these illegal activities.

Tips for dealing with a debt collection lawsuit

Some people in Virginia who have unpaid debt might eventually face one or more lawsuits. This can be stressful, and individuals who have no money may be tempted to ignore them. However, there are steps people can take to defend themselves against these lawsuits and possibly get them dismissed. Furthermore, failing to respond can lead to a judgment by default, resulting in such actions as wages being garnished. In responding to the lawsuit, people should not admit that they are liable for the debt.

The pros and cons of having multiple credit cards

It isn't uncommon for Virginia residents and others to have more than one credit card. In fact, there can be a variety of benefits to having multiple cards. Those benefits include having more money to handle an emergency situation and a greater chance of having a lower credit card utilization rate. However, it is important to know how to manage credit card debt as it can be easy to use the entire available balance or forget to make a payment.


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