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Conquering debt one step at a time

In Virginia, many older adults wonder if they will get out of debt before retirement. Some have spent numerous years accumulating debt. These individuals confront financial difficulties -- including the reality that they never had the chance to save any money -- by the time they retire. Unfortunately, debt usually begins early in adult life.

What are your rights if you are facing wage garnishment?

Several negative consequences come with owing a significant amount of debt. In addition to the stress you may feel when you realize that you cannot manage your payments any longer, you may also be getting phone calls from debt collectors and letters from creditors. At some point, you may get notice that a creditor initiated the wage garnishment process.

How to avoid bankruptcy because of medical debt

Virginia residents who accrue medical debt may find themselves in a tough financial position. According to one 2019 study, there could be as many as 530,000 Americans who have filed bankruptcy in the United States because of medical debt. The study itself found that 65.5% of the 910 respondents said that they filed for bankruptcy because of financial issues caused by a medical event. Bernie Sanders has cited the survey as part of his pitch to overhaul the American health care system.

Millennials are prone to medical debt that goes into collections

Millennials, individuals who were born from 1981 to 1996, are prone to medical debt that goes into collections. Virginia residents may be interested in learning about some factors that contribute to this and what millennials can do to cover their medical debt.

Taking the bankruptcy means test

Virginia consumers who are considering bankruptcy might wonder whether they should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Chapter 7 involves discharging all eligible debts while Chapter 13 involves creating a payment plan that allows the filer to keep some assets. In order to qualify for Chapter 7, it is necessary to pass a means test.


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