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What patients should know about paying medical bills

Medical bills are a common reason why individuals throughout Virginia and the rest of the country file for bankruptcy. A TD Ameritrade study found that it was the most common reason why a person may consider liquidating a retirement account. However, it may not be wise to take a loan or withdrawal from such an account. This is because individuals could have to pay off the balance of their loans if they lose their jobs or switch employers for any reason.

Want to know if Chapter 7 relief is an option for you?

If you are drowning in debt, you are not alone. Numerous Virginia residents are struggling to meet their debt obligations. Like the many other individuals in the same situation, you are probably looking for ways to get out of debt for good. Various debt relief options are out there, but not all will make sense for your particular circumstances. Chapter 7 relief, for example, is only meant for those who genuinely lack the funds to pay back their creditors. Does that apply to your specific situation?

Getting through the holidays without overspending

It isn't uncommon for Virginia residents and others to do the bulk of their holiday shopping in the first few days after Thanksgiving. This is a time when retailers throughout the nation offer discounted prices and other deals designed to get people to spend money. Those who are planning to buy gifts this holiday season are encouraged to create a budget before they start shopping. They are also encouraged to take into account fees or taxes that may be added to a transaction.

Credit cards help pay for the holidays

Virginia residents may not necessarily be against using a credit card to fund their holiday shopping. A study from Creditcards.com found that 51% of respondents who had credit card debt were willing to go deeper into debt during the holidays. It also found that 50% of male respondents who had credit cards had no problem spending more on gifts and other related seasonal expenses. Only 41% of female respondents who had credit cards said the same thing.

Struggling with debt collection calls?

Many Virginia consumers find it difficult to make ends meet. They may turn to credit cards or loans to cover their expenses when they are unable to. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people to find their way out of debt, especially if they are struggling with job loss or poorly paid work. Calls from debt collectors can lead to a miserable time, as people try to avoid their ongoing calls and demands for money. In 2017, over 70 million people across the country dealt with a debt collector, and one-third of all U.S. adults with credit had experienced a collection contact at some point.


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